YA Literature Track

Track Overview

YA Lit lovers, this is the track for you. Featuring a slate of awesome and amazing YA, MG & NA writers, as well as literary agents who represent the breadth of kid-lit, the YA Literature track will explore a myriad of topics in, about and surrounding YA literature. Want to know who will be there? Check out our growing guest roster!

We’re still planning the bulk of programming for the YA Literature track, but here are some of the sessions we’ve already set in stone:

Heroines of YA Fantasy
Keynote Panel
Panelists: Victoria Aveyard, Alexandra Bracken, Susan Dennard, Sarah J. Maas

Join YA superstars Victoria Aveyard, Alexandra Bracken, Susan Dennard and Sarah J. Maas for a lively discussion of not only the heroines of their books, but also what it’s like to be a real life heroine and role model. This is a special ticketed event that comes with an upscale buffet lunch, and a guaranteed signing session ticket for all four authors. You can purchase this add-on ticket via our registration portal.

Girl Code: Female Relationships in YA
Panelists: Alison Cherry, Stephanie Diaz, Lindsay Ribar, additional authors TBD

Friends, sisters, romantic rivals, romantic interests, antagonists–let’s talk about all the myriad ways girls and women are represented in YA, and how their relationships play out on the page.

Middle Grade Minded
Panelists: Michelle Schusterman, Alison Cherry, Lindsay Cummings, Jordan Hamessley

What makes middle grade fiction so fun? What trends are taking over shelves right now? What’s different with writing MG vs. YA? And what do we want to see more of?

Parental Guidance Necessary?: Parents & Adults in YA
Panelists: Lindsay Ribar, Mary Elizabeth Summer, additional authors TBD

Poor parents–and other adults–usually get short shrift in YA. Why is that? Do parents have to be absent or awful in order for teen characters to have adventures? What are our favorite books that depict realistic & complex adults in YA?

Same Story, Different Skin – Remixing Retellings in Multicultural Fantasy
Panelists: Roshani Chokshi, additional panelists TBD

Fairytales, legends and mythology are the narratives we’ve used to explain the world around us. They also share similar roots. The Western “Cinderella” is the Filipino “Abadeha,” the Indian “Nala and Damayanti” is the Western “Sweetheart Roland.” As publishing begins to embrace diverse narratives, how has this affected our treatment of fairytale retellings in a diverse setting? If the story wears a different skin, can we still consider them retellings?

Hermione’s Summer Reading List
Panelists: Barb Bergman, Casey Duevel

Parents, teachers, librarians and students alike–come for some librarian recommended fun and exciting reads to enjoy while taking a break from your OWLs studies. Something for every House!

[Find the rest of the current programming offerings HERE!]

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