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Track Overview

Are you an aspiring writer, or do you just love talking craft? The Writing Track will offer a variety of practical workshops, panels, events and agent one-on-one sessions for writers of all stripes. Our schedule is still being worked on, but here are some of the sessions you can attend at the con:

Ask An Agent
Panelists: Thao Le, Jessica Watterson, Suzie Townsend, Joanna Volpe, Carlie Webber

Your chance to ask the Leviosa attending agents all your burning questions about querying, submissions & publishing.

Advice for Young Writers
Panelists: Stephanie Diaz, Michelle Madow, Lindsay Cummings

Young aspiring writers come and get advice from some awesome authors who wrote books & got them published when they were teens or in their early 20s!

Transitioning from Fan Writing to Pro Writing

Writing fanfic and writing novels are two different animals. How do you make the transition from fan writers to pro–what are the biggest pitfalls and how can you overcome them? What special skills do fanfic writers have that make them good at novel-writing?

Career Planning 101
Panelists: Beth Revis, Michelle Madow, additional panelists TBD

There are many paths to publishing & ways to have a fruitful career. Should you go traditional, small publisher, digital first, self-published or hybrid? What are the pros & cons of each option, and when should you get an agent? Which career paths are better for which genre?

Ravenclaw Your Writing
Panelists: TBD

Put the science in your sci-fi, the history in your historical fiction–no matter what you’re writing, this panel will talk about how to Ravenclaw your way to smart, accurate facts behind your fiction.

Query Writing Workshop

Join Leviosa agents in this hands-on query workshop! From the basic ingredient of a query to how NOT to be That Guy, you’ll leave with the tools you need to write a fantastic query letter.

And much more! Whether you’re just starting a novel, or you have a complete manuscript and are looking for the next step, the Writing Track will provide ample content and resources.

Agent One-On-One Sessions

Very similar to agent pitch sessions, Leviosa’s Agent One-On-Ones will give attendees the opportunity to spend 5-10 minutes talking to an agent either about a manuscript, or just asking general questions about the industry. If you have a full, complete manuscript you may use this opportunity to pitch the agent, but authors who don’t feel comfortable pitching or who have a work-in-progress and would like to ask industry-specific questions may do so. There may also be the opportunity to submit materials ahead of time for the agents’ review: either a query, or the first 5  pages of your manuscript. Details and deadline information will be available in 2016.

The cost to attend the Agent One-On-Ones is $25 per attendee and is available as an add-on option when you register. If you’ve already registered, you can go back into our system to add the Agent On-On-One session at any time–just use the same name & email combination as when you registered. You will be able to select up to four agents to sit down with–schedule sign-ups will be available in 2016. However, should the agents have additional availability at the event, you may be able to speak to more. The Leviosa programming team will do their best to schedule the Agent One-On-Ones at a time they are least likely to conflict with other programming, however we cannot make guarantees.

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