There will be a wide variety of fan meet-ups at Leviosa before, inbetween, and after programming! Find your people and make new friends!


Fans of BBC Sherlock
8 PM
Location: Potterlock Lounge
Visit the Three Patch suite to check out the decor, pick up a snack, and geek out with fellow fans about Sherlock and Potterlock!

HPEF Meet-Up
8:30 PM
Location: Del Mar I
Did you attend Nimbus 2003, Lumos, Azkatraz, Infinitus, or any of the Harry Potter conferences hosted by HPEF? Do you wish you could have? Connect with old friends, make new ones, and share your favorite con memories! HPEF (, also known as the HP Education Fanon, Inc., has brought together Harry Potter fans interested spreading literacy through the study of the novels and other forms of art and performance at conferences hosted from 2003 to 2012. Bring your Remembralls and gather ‘round the Pensieve at the HPEF Reunion!

Drink & Slam
10 PM
Location: Del Mar I
Drinking (Leviosa cocktails at the cash bars outside!) + writing prompts! Join us for a late night drinking & flash writing session. Or, writers in their natural habitat. (Don’t worry–non-alcoholic beverages are 100% a-OK!)

Potterlocked Pajama Party
11 PM
Location: Potterlock Lounge
Put on your PJs and come to the Three Patch Suite for Potterlocked bedtime stories! Bring your e-reader if you like and read aloud a short scene from one of your favorite works of fanfiction from the Harry Potter and/or Sherlock fandoms. Crossovers are even better! This session is expected to get naughty and is 18+ only.


10 AM
Location: Common Room (La Sirena I)HEXRPG or the Hogwarts Extreme Role Playing Game website is a long running Harry Potter based forum with games, trivia and hogwart type classes complete with Homework. This will be a meetup for those who play on HEXRPG or who just want to learn more about it.

Check Please
5 PM
Location: Common Room (La Sirena I)
For fans of the web comic Check, Please. Come squee about gay hockey players, junior regional figure skaters, women and food in American culture, and college humor while eating pie!

Meet Your Writing Soul Mate
6 PM
Location: Del Sol
Are you a writer? Would you love to have the support of writer friends to help you make your writing dreams come true? Then this meet-up is for you! Come connect with fellow writers who are in search of a squad. We will network, chat, play games, and get to know each other as writers. This meet-up will help you find that special someone(s) to be your beta reader, plotting buddy, critique partner, or collaborator. All genres welcome, including original and fanfic.

Snarry Meet-Up
6:30 PM
Location: Snarry Suite*
For fans of Severus Snape’s and Harry Potter’s relationship in all its permutations.
*Check the meet-up notice on for the Snarry Suite information

H/D Meet-Up
7:30 PM
Location: Del Fuego
Do you love Harry and Draco in all their deliciously angsty, combative glory? If so, come hang out with us as we flail about our favorite Gryffindor/Slytherin couple!

/r/YAwriters Meet-Up
9 PM
Location: Del Fuego
Members of the sub-reddit /r/YAwriters come meet each other IRL! Or, if you’re seeing this and think “a sub-reddit for YA writers, awesome!” come meet us… we’ll have you on Reddit in no time.


Mark Oshiro Reading
4:30 PM
Location: Common Room (La Sirena I)
Join Fandom Guest Mark Oshiro as he reads an excerpt from his first novel, a sci-fi/dystopian mystery that’s equal parts Octavia Butler and Veronica Mars.

Is Your Patronus a Pony? (MLP:FIM Meet-Up)
5:30 PM
Location: Del Mar II
Many Harry Potter fans also love other fandoms. This will be a place for Bronies and Pegasisters to speak about their love of Potter and Ponies. A place where FANDOM IS MAGIC! A round-table discussion on what the Harry Potter and My Little Pony fandoms have brought to each of our lives, and be a safe place to openly discuss what it means to be a fan. We will also discuss how we choose to express ourselves through art, fanfic, cosplay and social justice.

Diogenes Club
5:45 PM
Location: Del Mar I
Cake, tea, and companionable silence. Want to be around other people but not talk? Come to the Diogenes Club for restorative quiet time. We provide tea and cake. You can bring your laptop, your art supplies, your knitting — just no talking. Ahhh.

Stucky Meet-up
6:00 PM
Location: Common Room (La Sirena I)
Can’t get enough of your favorite super soldiers? Come to this meetup to chat about all things Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes!

Hamilton SingAlong
6:00 PM
Location: Del Sol
It’s the great Hamilton singalong! (Awesome. Wow.) Are you young, scrappy, and hungry? Are you looking for a mind at work? Will you never be satisfied with the amount of Revolutionary heroism or Lin-Manuel Miranda in your life? If the answer is yes, you know there’s only one place for you to be: the Hamilton singalong! Come share your favorite memories of the Hamilton cast and crew and your favorite stories of Hamilton and the other founding fathers! Come discuss LMM’s epic Hogwarts house sorting with Emma Watson — don’t worry, you won’t have to rap battle it out, unless you really want to! Most of all, come sing your hearts out and meet other Hamilton fans! It’s your one chance to be in the room where it happens — do not throw away your shot!


Ball Jointed Dolls & Other Dolls Meet-up
11 AM
Location: Common Room (La Sirena I)
Ball Jointed Dolls or BJDs are a popular and unique fan hobby or art form. There are quite a few who have converted their BJDs into Harry Potter characters. Others just love the hobby and this is a chance to get together with other BJD collectors. We also welcome other Doll collectors including Barbies, Pullips, Monster High, Tonner, etc…

MISTI Con Meet-Up
Location: Common Room (La Sirena I)
A meet-up for MISTI Con attendees! Come see friends old and new, or find out about MISTI Con 2017.