Leviosa is a return to the smaller scale, academic-fannish Harry Potter conference model, expanded to include a focus on YA Literature, writing/fan creativity, and multi-fandom interest. We’re staffed by a group of passionate Potter fans and creatives that feel there is a space in the fan conference market for a programming-focused event anchored by a love of Harry Potter. Between us, we have attended almost every Harry Potter conference under the sun, and have ample conference and organizational experience.

What can you expect from Leviosa? Our mission is to celebrate imagination, creativity and education, via a focus on dynamic academic programming and quality fan experiences. We love talking about Harry Potter, dissecting the things that make it so important to all of us, and celebrating it through both academic exploration and more informal frivolity. While our primary focus isn’t on guests or talent, we have both in spades, with guests ranging from fandom personalities to authors (and there may be some actors forthcoming!).

But we’re not just about Harry Potter. We know that many passionate Harry Potter fans have found new fandom loves, or have become writers themselves. Come for Harry Potter, and get Young Adult Literature programming, writing and publishing workshops, and other sci-fi/fantasy fandom content.

Meet the Staff